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Nopeasti kulkevia ihmisiä rautatieasemalla

TMFG's strategy

The vision and long-term goal of our traffic control group is to make Finland a country with the world’s safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly traffic. To reach this goal, we work to offer the world’s best traffic control and traffic data.

This ambitious goal calls for transformation from us and other traffic sector operators. We trust in our ability to transform together. We believe that together we can generate international expertise so that new services are created for customers in the traffic ecosystem. At the same time, operators in the traffic sector have access to growth opportunities, even export markets. In this way, the solutions will benefit the whole of society.

We implement our vision and mission through five strategic priorities:

  1. Improving the safety, fluency and environmental friendliness of traffic.
  2. Enabling the customer-oriented development of the traffic service markets together with our partners.
  3. Boosting service production processes and automation in traffic control.
  4. Renewing our expertise and operating models and developing our management practices.
  5. Running our operations on the basis of social impact.

Our services generate value for the whole of society

TMFG offers and develops traffic control and management services and ensures the safety and fluency of traffic in all modes of transport. These services support citizens’ mobility, address commercial transportation needs as well as support the operation of the safety and security authorities.

TMFG has a playmaker role

New, intelligent traffic calls for increasingly intelligent traffic control and traffic data, as the producer of which TMFG has a unique opportunity for two reasons:

A unique combination. TMFG combines expertise in all modes of transport, which makes it an internationally unique operator. This gives us the opportunity to create things together in a way that serves as a global example. As an impartial operator, we can promote development and launch initiatives from which commercial operators can develop business.

Goal backed up by strong partnerships. TMFG has strong partners who share similar goals. In addition, we must be open to new partners and be active when we see opportunities to support the development of new services.