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Traffic Management Finland - Safe and Smooth Traffic

Traffic Management Finland is a new state-owned special assignment company responsible for traffic management. Operation started at 1st of January 2019.

The Group is tasked with providing advanced traffic control and management services as well as ensuring the safety and smooth running of traffic responsibly in all modes of transport. It is also responsible for the collection, management and utilization of information related to control services. Subsidiaries and their respective areas of responsibility:

  • Finrail Ltd is responsible for rail traffic control and management
  • Intelligent Traffic Management Finland Ltd (ITM Finland) is responsible for road traffic control and management
  • Vessel Traffic Services Finland (VTS Finland) is responsible for marine traffic control
  • Air Navigation Services Finland (ANS Finland) is responsible for air navigation

Traffic Management Finland Group provides and develops traffic control services of all traffic modes. The services address the travel and logistics related needs of citizens, businesses and authorities. The company collects, manages and offers traffic related information in order to enable market driven innovation and creation of new services and businesses. The company offers and develops innovative new services and contributes to growth of traffic ecosystems. Safe and smooth traffic, flexibility and environmental conscious are cornerstones of TMFG’s mission.

Traffic Management Finland Group employs over 1 000 talented professionals.