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Avoid bottlenecks or check driving weather – real-time monitoring of the traffic situation made easier via mobile

Published on 3.10.2019

Traffic Management Finland has launched the popular Traffic Situation service as a mobile application, as requested by users. The app makes it even simpler to check the real-time situation of various modes of transport. This enables users to plan their routes, thus promoting safe and efficient traffic.

The application is based on the open data published by the company regarding disruptions in road traffic, the driving weather and the forecast, the flow and congestion of traffic, weight limitations, ice roads, etc. Key content also includes images from weather cameras collected on the sides of main roads as well as the opportunity to submit feedback on the condition of traffic routes and reports on the flow of traffic.

The application also provides information on rail traffic schedules and punctuality per each station. The maritime traffic information includes warnings for those on the sea and in the harbour as well as information about vessels arriving in each Finnish port.

Traffic services and real-time information through open data

“We have a large volume of real-time data on the traffic situation and we want to transform it into an easy-to-use service for those who might need it. The app provides situational traffic information and is a great example of the types of end user services that can be produced with open data. Our goal is to promote easier mobility for both people and goods,” says Janne Lautanala, Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer at Traffic Management Finland.

“We are engaged in active dialogue with our partners operating in the traffic ecosystem on opening, using and distributing data in order to create new mobility-related services in the market,” continues Lautanala. 

The Traffic Situation (Liikennetilanne) app can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store for free. The Traffic Situation service is also available online at

For more information, please contact:

Traffic Management Finland, Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer Janne Lautanala, +358 (0)40 772 5355,