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Ratatyömaa työkoneineen ilmasta kuvattuna

Traffic planning

The primary task of traffic planning is to combine the state-owned railway network’s track work and rail traffic.

Traffic planning schedules and plans time windows during which track work can be carried out, taking account of train speeds, distances between them, meetings of trains, and stops of trains in relation to traffic. The goal is to have the whole working safely, economically and appropriately and to ensure the smoothness of track work and traffic with minimised disturbance. In addition to the actual traffic planning work, traffic planners handle the power cuts of the electric track during track work.

At present, traffic planning is the responsibility of nine traffic planners in four traffic planning areas: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Kouvola.

The work requires close co-operation between the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, contractors and other operators. The Finnish Transport Agency purchases the traffic planning services from Finrail Ltd.